IHireHR -Finding Qualified Candidates

Posted by Admin | January 21st, 2010

Finding qualified candidates with iHireHR is simple and efficient. Quickly and conveniently upload job details online or using the phone or fax. Interested candidates will be able to view these details and apply for the position, and all existing relevant candidates will be emailed notification of your post.

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IHireHR – Thank You For Your Help

Posted by Admin | May 31st, 2010

Thank you for your help, it’s been a very dificult job search and this website makes things easier.

Charles - Clovis, CA

IHireHR – One Of The Best Sites I’ve Visited

Posted by Admin | April 28th, 2010

What a great website! iHireHR is one of the best sites I’ve visited in the last 29 months!Outstanding ease of movement throughout, couldn’t have been easier, thank you iHire!

Victor – Titusville, FL